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Conditions of hire

** (Sep 2020:) during Covid-19 lockdown, the Meeting House has not been available for room hire.  This is currently under review.  Please call for latest update. **


Monday to Friday:
Morning: 9.00am – 12.00noon.
Afternoon: 1.00 – 4.00pm
Evening 7.00-10.00pm

Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays may occasionally be available, by special arrangement.

Each session is for 3 hours which includes your set-up and clear-up time. Extension of session time is only possible by prior arrangement and an increase in fee. The building is opened at 9am and locked promptly at 10.00pm. Please adhere to these times.


Payment must be made in advance or at the time of booking. If an invoice is needed before payment can be made, this must be stated when booking and noted on the booking form. Cheques should be made payable to Ipswich Quakers. If the hirer cancels the booking giving the Warden at least 7 days notice no charge will be made, or a full refund will be given in the case of an advance payment. If the hirer cancels the booking without giving the Warden 7 days prior notice, a cancellation fee, ( 50% of the booking cost ), whether the vacant slot is re-booked or not, will be charged.

Hot water urn

An URN MAY BE HIRED at a cost of £5 this includes cups and saucers. The Urn can provide enough water
for 45 cups.

Piano hire

Our PIANO may be hired at as cost of £5 per hour long session. Please contact our warden for availability.

HEATING AND LIGHTING are included in the booking fee.


THE HIRERS are responsible for leaving the room in a clean and tidy condition, for restoring furniture (chairs, tables, etc) to their original location, and for any damage to the building or its contents, including crockery, that may occur during their occupancy.


The Quaker Meeting cannot be held responsible for unaccompanied children on the premises; they are to be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst on the premises. Hirers are reminded that the Meeting House is in constant use by many groups with doors open at all times.

Food and drink

FOOD AND DRINKS must be prepared only in the kitchen. Care must be taken to avoid damage to furniture and floors from hot liquids and steam. Cooking of meals in the kitchen and preparing drinks in rooms other than the kitchen may be permitted only by special prior arrangement.

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are to be consumed on the premises.

Car parking

There is space for a few cars in the entrance drive from Fonnereau Road. Parking is permitted only during the time of the session(s) booked. Please remember that you may not be the only group using the facility and park tidily without blocking the exit area. There is a multi-story pay-on-exit and an open air pay-and-display car park in Charles Street at the rear of the Meeting House. There is a marked entrance to the Meeting House from Charles Street.

Wheelchair / disabled access

There is a ramp at the side entrance from Fonnereau Road to assist access by wheelchair users to the Collinson Room, kitchen and toilets. There is a disabled toilet at this level. Portable ramps are available to allow wheelchair access over the front door steps to the Meeting Hall, Library and Children’s room.

Posters and advertising

Posters may only be displayed by special permission. If meetings are advertised, the name and address of the sponsor should be given, and no correspondence sent to the Meeting House. Please do not deface our walls or woodwork with pins, sticky tape or blue tack.

Accidents and first aid

Please report all accidents for inclusion in the Incident Book (for insurance purposes). For minor cuts and scrapes a First Aid box is available and located in the kitchen on the work top.


Activities that disturb other users of the building are not permitted. If, after being
informed that this is the case the disturbance continues, the Premises Committee reserves the right to cancel
any subsequent bookings immediately. Any fees that have been prepaid for the cancelled booking will be

Cancellation by Quaker meeting

The Premises Committee retains the right to cancel a booking to accommodate critical unforeseen needs of the Meeting, for example, funerals. By its nature this cancellation may be at short notice. A full refund of any fees paid will be made.

The premises committee

THE PREMISES COMMITTEE retains the right to alter conditions of hire, fees or terminate a series of bookings on giving reasonable notice. The Premises Committee also retain the right to refuse any booking(s) deemed not to in the best interest of the Quaker Meeting.

THE TRUSTEES of the building shall not be responsible in respect of injury or damage caused or arising in connection with the use of this building to persons or property under the control of the hirer.

January 2014 A. Premises revision