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Ipswich Quaker Quest 2018 – Week 3 – A Quaker Exploration of Prayer

Date(s) - Wednesday, 20th June 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


We are holding a series of weekly Quaker Quest meetings in June. This is an opportunity for those interested in exploring Quakerism to join us to find out more about what Quakerism might offer you.

Here is a Guardian article from Jessia Reed who attended a Quaker Quest

My Quaker Quest – Guardian Article

“Quaker Quest left me a little more open-minded to the idea of being wrong (a very good thing, as I am one of those dreadful people who very much like to be right), a little bit more open-minded, and eager to explore the idea of “that of god in everyone” within an non-theist frame. If you had told me I would be interested in Quakerism a year ago, I would have doubtlessly laughed and said “not in a million years”. But here I am: an atheist and non-Christian who’s not too sure what to do with a sudden and unexpected attraction to the Society of Friends. As I reflect on the chain of events which led me to write these words, I can only say that life does indeed work in mysterious ways”.

Ipswich Quakers