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Helpful links

This page contains helpful links with more information about the Quakers.

New to Quakers?

Quaker Quest
Open and relaxed events for anyone hoping to learn more about Quakers

Videos about Quakers

Religious Society of Friends
Wikipedia article about Quakerism

BBC Religion and Ethics – Quakerism
Information about Quakerism from the BBC

Advices & queries
A ‘challenge and inspiration to Friends’

More information about Quakerism

Quakers in Britain
The main site about Quakers in Britain – comprehensive

Quakers in the World
New database – information on what Quakers have done and are doing in the world

Quaker United Nations Office

h2g2 – Quakers in Britain 
BBC’s Encyclopaedia article about the Society of Friends

Quaker history’ 
Wikipedia article about the history of Quakers and Quakerism

A forum for debate about the relationships between the economic system, our lives, and the Earth

Quaker Social Action

Quaker online book shop
A bookshop with a wide range of books on Quakerism

Other Quaker sites

The Friend
Independent weekly Quaker journalism

Britain’s Quaker Study Centre

Quaker faith & practice
A complete online version of the core publication for Quakers in Britain. Comprises anthology of writings & describes structures of Britain Yearly Meeting

Living Witness Project
Responding to climate change and other sustainability challenges

The Quaker Tapestry Exhibition
Details of the Quaker Tapestry

Turning The Tide
Programme promoting the use of ‘Active Non-violence’

Quakerism online

Online Meeting for Worship
A chance to experience Quaker worship online

A ‘collaboratively edited listing of blog and news stories about Friends’

An online forum for UK Quakers

Young Quakers

Very useful and interesting website for and about young Quakers in Britain

Young Friends General Meeting 
The national organisation for Quakers aged up to 30ish

Site for the popular Quaker Performing Arts Organisation

Site of Summer School & Senior Conference; events for Friends aged 11 – 18

Local Quakers

Suffolk Quakers

East Anglian Inter-faith group

Quaker directories

Probably the most thorough list of Quaker-related websites

Find a Quaker Meeting
Find the British Quaker Meeting nearest to you